★ Small volume and light weight

★ Specially selected imported sensors can be equipped with electrochemical, catalytic combustion, infrared and thermal conductivity sensors.

★ High precision, high resolution, fast response

★ Intrinsically safe circuit design, with electric plug operation.

★ The data recovery function eliminates the worries caused by misoperation

★ Automatic temperature and humidity compensation function, accurate factory calibration, no need to use calibration

★ Analog voltage or current and serial port output are convenient for customers to debug and use.

★ The most precise circuit design and manufacturing process, with complex production and simple use.

★ It can be connected to the computer for communication and self calibration.

★ It is equipped with zero trim function to facilitate the selection of reference data.

★ Low power consumption products, variable power supply can be used for a large number of analyzer instruments, atmosphere, and environmental UAV monitoring.

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