Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly used disinfectant. For contaminated wounds, it should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide and then washed with salt water. Bacteria and spores can be killed, and tissues can be treated well. Regular dressing changes can be carried out according to the later stage of the disease, or direct suture can be carried out. If the eyes or mucous membranes are damaged, do not use hydrogen peroxide for disinfection. If the tissues in the abdominal cavity are infected, do not use hydrogen peroxide for disinfection. Otherwise, the tissues may be seriously corroded, leading to excessive inactivation of local tissues or organs.

Whether patients can use hydrogen peroxide for disinfection needs to be evaluated by professional doctors. Mild infection is usually disinfected with iodophor, or deiodized with alcohol after disinfection with iodine. If there is local infection, antibiotics may be used for treatment, such as cefuroxime, ceftazidime, metronidazole, ornidazole, etc.

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