After the outbreak of the epidemic, the virus in the air is attached to various dusts and PM2.5, and it is difficult for us to detect it with the naked eye. Ordinary disinfectant sprays have no way to kill them. So we need a device that can deal with airborne viruses. This is the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, which uses ultrasonic atomization technology, which can atomize the disinfectant into atomized particles of 1-10 microns, and then spray it into the air, which can wrap more viruses and bacteria to kill , so you don’t have to worry about viruses in the air, and the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer works better in closed spaces.

The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is a fully automatic mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. The mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can be moved around to kill. It can be used in high traffic places such as schools and hospitals. You don’t need to buy more than one unit, just buy one or two. Especially in schools, it can be used to disinfect the disappearance after class at night. Five or six minutes can fill the entire classroom with the mist of disinfectant, which can completely eliminate the virus in the air, and no fish will slip through the net.

The reason why the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can sterilize effectively and quickly is because it is a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer based on the intelligent Internet of Things. It adopts a hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer with independent intellectual property rights. Hydrogen oxide gasifies to form a large number of molecular hydrogen peroxide and reactive oxygen radicals, and then captures pathogens in the air and surfaces in the air ejected at an initial velocity of 50 m/s to achieve disinfection, which can be combined with hydrogen peroxide concentration sensor. , Real-time monitoring of the consumption and distribution of hydrogen peroxide and the operation status of the equipment during the disinfection process through the mobile phone and computer terminal, you can monitor and override multiple equipment at the same time, and automatically generate a disinfection report after the disinfection to ensure your consumption. The disinfecting effect is safe and reliable.

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