Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilizer is a technology that makes use of the advantages of hydrogen peroxide’s spore killing ability in gas state at room temperature to generate free OH, which is used to attack cellular components, including lipids, proteins and DNA, to achieve complete sterilization. It is often used for sterilization of closed Spaces such as isolation rooms and isolators.

Vaporization of hydrogen peroxide sterilization is to take advantage of the advantages that hydrogen peroxide has more spore-killing ability in gas state than in liquid state at room temperature to vaporize liquid H2O2 and rapidly generate free hydroxyl group (HO–), which is used to attack cell components, including lipids, proteins and DNA tissues, destroy their structures and achieve the requirements of complete sterilization.

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is a device that vaporizes H2O2 solution with a concentration of 35%, namely hydrogen peroxide, into hydrogen peroxide vapor through vaporizer, and then converts particles into gas HO- through plasma, which is transported to space through pipeline for disinfection and sterilization.

The biological decontamination process of plasma vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can be divided into four stages:

  1. Vaporization stage: input the hydrogen peroxide solution into the vaporizer to vaporize into hydrogen peroxide vapor, and input it into the mixing chamber through the fan, waiting for treatment;
  2. Plasma generation stage: introduce hydrogen peroxide in steam state into plasma generation chamber, convert hydrogen peroxide in steam into hydrogen peroxide in plasma, and send it to sterilization chamber;
  3. Keep phase biological decontamination: continue to input data to hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization tank, until it reaches the concentration (generally will be subject to the biological test validation density) start time, keep on the concentration of the preset 30 ~ 35 min, biological decontamination complete 30 min (validated sterilization efficiency reaches 6 – log), stop hydrogen peroxide vaporization and ionization;
  4. Residual stage: the gas path system switches the residual device everywhere. The hydrogen peroxide of vaporized plasma is converted into water and oxygen through the decomposer, and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the air is reduced to below 1ppm by continuous circulation.

The operation of each stage can be individually controlled manually or automatically, running one by one in order.

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