What equipment is good for epidemic prevention and control and disinfection?
Hydrogen Peroxide atomized disinfection machine: The Xi’an epidemic broke out. When Xi’an was unblocked, Shenzhen, Jilin, Qingdao, Hangzhou and other places continued to appear. From the end of 2019, the epidemic has been with us for three years. In seven or eighty years, the epidemic occupies one tenth in twenties, which shows that the difference between this virus and other infectious disease viruses is that the vitality is tenacious. Regardless of the relationship between the country, the virus comes in abroad. If there is a loophole in the killing, the virus can be given the opportunity.

Most of the epidemics that appeared last year, most of them were exposed to immigration patients, or things used by entering patients, or viruses carried on cold chain foods. This virus can survive well in low temperature environments. However, it also has a characteristic, that is, in an environment of 15-20 degrees, it will become more active, and the contagious will be further strengthened. In March, the temperature in most areas in my country began to rise, and the temperature is good for the virus. The active increase, so there is a virus on the international parcel, so our courier staff recruited.
Some people will ask, since you know that the virus will be transmitted from the imported things, why not do a good job of disinfection? In fact, the disinfection of imported substances has always been done. Of course, when disinfection is not ruled out, some people are careless, but they are pretending to be. If the outbreak of the Hangzhou epidemic is caused by the disinfection of SF staff, then it means that our awareness of prevention is still or Compared. Of course, it is also caused by the inadequate disinfection. After all, there are six noodles in the package. Once one side is not disinfected, it is equivalent to opening the virus network, so it is inevitable that the virus infection is inevitable.
Whether it is preventing foreign viruses entering my country or preventing the domestic epidemic, disinfection is an important task. With isolation use, we can ensure that the virus will not spread. This is the main method for us to defeat the virus. Essence So how to disinfect it? Spray disinfection is the main disinfection method now. Whether it is an outdoor environment or a place for patients’ work, living, and disinfection of items entered overseas, spray disinfection. Here is an XD-20HYDROGen Peroxide disinfection machine. Contract the virus.

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