With the more serious water pollution of air, the air purifier products often appear in the market. Facing a variety of air purifiers, do you know you can buy accurately? How much do you understand for air purifiers? Below, I will explain a variety in the air purifier -plasma air purifier. So, what is a plasma air purifier? Let’s learn self -learning together!

Plasma purifier is also called low -temperature plasma waste gas purifier.

Under the concept of the total design concept of electrical catalytic, this process is divided into three independent and mixed stimulus systems: microwave excitement area, plasma stimulation area, and pole stimulation area. Each stimulation area has its specific function, but in principle it is similar.

Plasma exhaust gas purifier uses unique conductive-decomposition-carbonized centrifugal air-style exhaust installation-Dongguan Tianjie’s latest process technology design, using standard module design and other advantages. It is a purification electronic equipment for handling organic exhaust gas. It transforms the process technology of using active carbon materials, requires regeneration of raw materials, and requires special personnel to be responsible for management. It does not produce secondary pollution, replacing and maintenance convenience.

Low -temperature plasma is the fourth state after solid, liquid, and gaseous. When the outer voltage reaches the gas discharge voltage of the gas, the gas is penetrated, and the mixture of electronics, various ions, atoms, and free radicals produces Essence Although the electron temperature is extremely high during the discharge process, the temperature of the heavy particles is extremely low, and the entire system shows a low temperature state, so it is called a low -temperature plasma. Low -temperature plasma body hydrolysis pollutants use these high -energy electronics, free radicals and other active particles and pollutants in exhaust gas to make pollutant molecules break down again in a short period of time. The purpose of hydrolysis pollutants. Generally, gas discharge will generate plasma, and this discharge phenomenon is to separate one or more electrons from the principle of gas or molecules through some mechanism to form a gas media. Electricity fields generate ionizing gases, and the conduction current is formed. This phenomenon is called gas discharge. The technology of this purification electronic equipment is the latest principle of industrial exhaust gas treatment.

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