Hydrogen peroxide plays a very important role, so do you know how to wash your ears with hydrogen peroxide? I believe that everyone is not so understanding, please follow the hydrogen peroxide manufacturer Xiaobian to understand it.

Hydrogen peroxide is a common oxidant. It is unstable and decomposes into oxygen and water when heated. It has bactericidal ability. Under normal circumstances, if there is too much earwax, it is usually discharged naturally. However, sometimes the earwax is too large and the external auditory canal is blocked, which will cause earache, hearing loss, coughing and other discomforts, and the ear may also feel swollen, especially in the It’s more noticeable when swimming. Then we can choose the appropriate concentration of hydrogen peroxide for disinfection.

When hydrogen peroxide meets wounds, pus or dirt on the skin, mouth and mucous membranes, it is immediately decomposed to generate oxygen. This oxygen atom, which has not yet been combined into an oxygen molecule, has a strong oxidizing ability. When it comes into contact with bacteria, it can destroy the bacterial cell and kill the bacteria. The remaining substance after killing bacteria is water without any poison and without any irritating effect. No secondary pollution will be formed. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide is an ideal disinfectant for wound disinfection. But do not use high concentration hydrogen peroxide for wound disinfection to prevent burns to the skin and the affected area.

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