The working principle of the Liden plasma air disinfection machine is to use a plasma generator to generate a large amount of positive and negative ions, and actively attack the virus bacteria with electrical ion clusters, destroy the cell membrane, the virus’s DNA and protein, and quickly lose its activity until it is killed and decomposed. This is the working principle of Liden plasma air disinfection machine. The editor of Liden explains the use of plasma air disinfection machines.

  1. First connect to the 220V power supply, and manually pull up the plasma air disinfection machine button. If the indicator lights display red, the plasma air disinfection machine enters the standby state.
  2. Press the switch button, use the remote control to control the plasma air disinfection machine according to your own needs, and select remote control disinfection and program control disinfection.
    (1) Preventive disinfection of plasma air disinfection machines: Traditional use of UV and ozone for air disinfection 2-3 times a day, 60-120 minutes each time. And Liden uses plasma air disinfection machines to release a large amount of positive and negative ions to destroy the details and the internal structure of the virus, thereby achieving sterilization and disinfection. In the process, excess oxygen will be produced, no harm to the human body will be achieved. The disinfection time can be arranged according to human activities.
    (2) Dynamic disinfection with a plasma air disinfection machine: The purpose is to control and reduce the secondary pollution of environmental air during the activities of personnel. It is generally performed during the peak of personnel activities.
    (3) The corresponding record should be made every time the disinfection is over, and the cumulative time does not exceed 4,000 hours.
    (4) Plasma air disinfection machine uses positive and negative ions to destroy the bacterial virus structure to achieve the principle of sterilization and disinfection, and use dynamic disinfection treatment. Therefore Good cycle.

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