1. First connect to the power supply. If the red indicator light is on, enter the standby state;
  2. Set the current time, determine the stop and change of time data, and confirm the effectiveness of the data.
  3. The working method of selecting the disinfection agent, the corresponding indicator light will light up;
  4. Then press the switch button, the red indicator light becomes green, and then the wind door will automatically open the natural style of the project.

The above content is the introduction of how to use the mobile air disinfection machine. The mobile air disinfection machine is very simple to operate, and the mobile air disinfection machine is extremely convenient to carry, which can move at any time according to our needs. In addition, when buying a mobile air disinfection machine, it is recommended to choose the shell of the disinfection machine for a long time. If the case of the disinfection machine is not long, it will naturally fall off after a period of time. Damage will also drive the damage inside.

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