The small microorganisms of the gas are mainly from the three levels below: one is droplets. People are breathing, speaking, cough and sneezing, and will spread the small microorganisms living inside the population and throat. ; Second, human dandruff and dust. According to estimates, each dander contains about 40,000 bacteria. With the people’s movement indoors, dandruff and dust can be suspended in the air, especially the pollution, especially the dust, especially the dust, especially the dust, especially the dust. When there are patients in the family, the corresponding pathogen can be found in the air; the third is the outdoor gas entered the indoor small organisms. Therefore, choosing to disinfect air is very necessary, and the emergence of medical air disinfection machines perfectly solve the above problems. Next, let’s take a look at the use of medical air disinfection machines.
The dynamic control of the disinfection machine uses light touch panel control and infrared remote control forms can be selected for factor selection (factor refers to ultraviolet rays, ozone, light catalysts, negative ions) air volume selection, leaf selection and regular selection, and automatically operate according to the selection mode. Static control uses manual boot and timing automatic shutdown working mode, and static disinfection and sterilization can be carried out at any time for 24 hours. Instructions for the use of disinfection machines in the department and operate in accordance with regulations. Pay attention to the sealing of the room. When disinfection and sterilization, the window door should be turned off to maintain good confusion in the room. It is forbidden to enter the indoor people to ensure the actual effect of disinfection and sterilization. Pay special attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the indoor workpiece. This machine is only feasible to air, and there is no disinfection effect on the surface of the workpiece. If there are quite a lot of floating ash on the surface of the indoor workpiece, a secondary dust will occur when the disinfection machine works, causing the continuous pollution of air microorganisms to eventually cause disinfection within the prescribed time and unsuccessful.

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