Hydrogen peroxide for floor disinfection should be mixed with water before use.

Operation method:

According to the principle from the corner to the middle, from the inside to the outside, use a broom knife or a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and hair on the floor surface;

Then mix the hydrogen peroxide according to 2/1000 or 5/1000 of the diluted concentration, that is, add 2-5 ml of hydrogen peroxide to 1000 ml of water;

Then soak a clean rag or mop in diluted hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes, take it out and wring it dry;

Use the disinfected mop chedi to mop the floor of the house 1-2 times, and then use another clean mop that has not been soaked in hydrogen peroxide to mop the floor again to reduce the corrosive effect of hydrogen peroxide on the floor.

There are many kinds of hydrogen peroxide, and the hydrogen peroxide selected according to different conditions is different. If it is a wound with ordinary soft knife tissue damage or a wound after surgery, it is generally disinfected with 75 points of alcohol or iodophor. If it is a fresh wound, rinse the wound 2-3 times with hydrogen peroxide and normal saline, then disinfect it with iodophor or 75-point alcohol. However, if it is used for soaking equipment, it is generally used to soak with 95 points of alcohol, and the effect is very good. If used for cleaning or bladder irrigation, flush with nitrofurazone solution, which is rarely used for disinfection of the epidermis and soft tissue because the disinfection effect is not very good.

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