1. Installation

First, we need to choose the right air disinfection machine. When buying an air disinfection machine, you need to choose according to the area of the home. Generally speaking, ordinary families can meet the needs of air disinfection machines with an area of about 60 square meters. After purchasing, you need to install it in accordance with the requirements of the instructions.

  1. Use

When using an air disinfection machine, you need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Select the right mode.

Generally speaking, air disinfection machines have many modes, such as automatic sterilization and manual sterilization, which can be selected as needed. If it is only for disinfection, it is recommended to choose an automatic sterilization mode to achieve the best results.

(2) Place the air disinfection machine correctly.

The placement position is higher than the ground, and there is a certain distance from the wall surface, so that the circulation of the air disinfection machine can be smoother. At the same time, stay away from people and pets to avoid harm to the body.

(3) Replace the filter element as required.

The filter element of the air disinfection machine also needs to be replaced. According to the frequency and product requirements, the corresponding replacement can be performed. Long -term use of unchanged filter elements will cause its effect to reduce its effect and even have a negative impact on physical health.

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