Index value before application of the medical disinfection machine: If you want to know the better practical effect of the equipment, the better query data comparison, the important data is the CADR value, which means the total number of cleaning gas is exported per hour. What is the CADR value? This is the core indicator value of the performance of the medical disinfection machine.

  1. Specific location: The actual effect of the medical disinfection machine in the bedroom is better. There is no need to use the wall or other items, nor need to be too close to the human body.
  2. Try to turn on for a long time and query the actual effect: The purification and treatment effect of the medical disinfection machine must be improved in a certain period of time. It can be opened under standard conditions, and the system equipment time period can be reasonably controlled on time.
    Fourth, the environmental pollution is seriously closed. When the environmental pollution is serious, close the window and door, and the medical disinfection machine can apply better to ensure the actual effect of purifying treatment in a closed natural environment, because it mainly uses the above fan to the room to the room indoors. The air quality is absorbed, and the fresh air will be excreted according to the purification of the filter equipment.
    V. Immediate maintenance and cleanup: If the medical disinfection machine takes a long time, if the wind is less or the odor is heavy, this must be cleaned or disassembled to replace the filtering device. Replace the dusty cleaner board.

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