1. Used indexes If you want to know the good effect of the equipment SUI, it is best to see the data comparison. The important data of the SUI is the CADR value, which refers to the output of the air per hour. When buying, buyers will say, but generally don’t care too much. You need to know the index. You may wish to see what the appearance of the CADR value is. This is the key indicator of the performance of the medical air disinfectioner.
    1. Location The central role of the medical air disinfection in the room is left. Don’t rely on walls or other things, and don’t put it too close to your body.
    2. Serious air pollution causes the window to turn off When air pollution is severe, when the doors and windows are closed, the medical air disinfectioner can better ensure the purification effect in a closed environment, because it mainly uses a fan to inhale indoor air, purify the equipment through filtering equipment, and discharge fresh air in the left rear.

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