With the improvement of the health environment, especially the sterilization and disinfection of medical institutions in the workplace environment requires more efficient, convenient, fast, and functional sterilization devices. Some institutions, schools, food production, public places, etc. also need this. Sterilizer. So, let’s take a look at the production method of ultraviolet disinfection lamps.

The current sterilization device has a single function, and the use limit is very large. For example, the widely used UV disinfection vehicle can directly illuminate the indoor space and the surface of the items for sterilization, which is convenient and fast, but it is not effective for the backlight and air sterilization that does not illuminate the ultraviolet rays. Another dedicated ultraviolet air disinfectant has a shading that can use a unique air circulation system to inhale the external air into the interior of the disinfectant for circulating sterilization to prevent ultraviolet rays from being on the surrounding people. However, there is a limit that only sterilization of circulating air can be sterilized, and the interior walls, flooring, and the surface of the items cannot be radiated and sterilized. Considering this, the existing sterilization device must be improved to meet the sterilization requirements of other places, scenes or unmanned conditions.

UV disinfection lamp cars are improved to the existing sterilization vehicles for the above problems. It can directly shoot the dynamic circulation of air without operating the air. In some cases To meet the broader sterilization and disinfection requirements in various cases.

To this end, ultraviolet disinfection lamps are mainly used by sealing shells, steering wheels, square wheels, elastic ultraviolet lamp holders, gravity sliding hammer, steel wire rope, rotary pulp, and internal and external air circulation systems. The housing is fixed on the base through the rectangular sealed shell. There are fixed guide rails and gravity sliding rails on the base, sliding rectangular sleeves and fixed guide rails on the lamp rack. Greatly improve the efficiency of sterilization and reduce the corner of sterilization. The box is not installed, and the protruding hole on the lamp seat will be automatically closed by the lamp seat on the lamp.

When the on -site personnel are inconvenient, the light pole can be brought into the box to illuminate, and the air is dynamically circulating air through the internal and external circulation system of the air to sterilize and disinfection. In addition, the device changes the four -wheel conversion structure of the traditional disinfection vehicle. The stretching handle and the diagonal structure are used. The lower part of the frame is only installed with a square wheel, and the other side is fixed. It is very convenient. It is often more completely thorough or thorough. UV disinfection lamp carts are mainly composed of sealing boxes, telescopic UV lamp bracket components, gravity sliding hammer, steel wire rope, rotor, and internal air circulation system. Highlighting it outside the box, directly sterilize the external space. Installing the exhaust fan through the side wall of the box, the air circulation in the inside and outside of the box can be greatly increased by inhalation and exhaust.

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