The top -absorbing air disinfection machine is inlaid in the ceiling, and it is integrated with it. It has the effects of sterilization, disinfection, dehumination, deodorization, deodorization, etc. There are many applications in hospitals and some public places. As long as it is needed, we can see the application of such environmental protection products, which is convenient and common. There are many customers who pay more attention to the beauty. When designing the site design, it will leave a place for it to use. So how to maintain maintenance of top -suction air disinfection machines? The following editors will introduce it to you.
How to maintain maintenance of top air disinfection machines:

  1. Clean and wipe the filter film regularly every month or every quarter, but it is necessary to remind one thing to formulate a actual cleaning maintenance table from the operating frequency of the machine and the surrounding environment.

Ding -sucking air disinfection machine

  1. Strictly follow the instructions and regularly replace the filter element (active agent, etc.).
  2. Keep the medical air disinfection machine clean and dust -free inside and outside.
  3. Maintenance records such as cumulative disinfection time, filter cleaning and replacement.

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