1. In the daily use process, we must pay attention to the control of electricity. The stability of voltage and current is an important guarantee for mechanical operation. His power is stable, not very large, but unstable voltage or currents It is easy to cause the internal burning of the machine and affect its life.

From the use of electricity, in general, we need to insert a power, but we do n’t need it for a long time. We can remove the power supply appropriately and be in a shutdown state. This can ensure the internal balance of the machine and ensure more long -lasting use. In the scope of the application of air disinfection machines, it usually meets the disinfection requirements for 2 hours. If it is not necessary, try not to let the machine work for a long time, which can extend the life of the machine.

Plasma air disinfection machine

  1. Avoid wet places in the air disinfection machine. In addition, you need to pay attention when using it. Do not sprinkle blood, potion and some corrosive liquids to the fuselage. If there is such a situation, wipe it with a wet towel in time and wipe it with a dry towel.
  2. Maintenance starts from cleaning. Dust can cause mechanical blockage and decay of parts. Therefore, in the daily use process, we must be diligent in cleaning. When we do not disinfect the work, wipe off the dust on the top with rags. It is conducive to the rapid operation of machinery while avoiding the aging of mechanical. If necessary, you can make a dust cover, and you can put it up when not in use.

The above content is the introduction of how to maintain the ionic air disinfection machine. In addition to bacterial anti -virus, plasma air disinfection machine is also a good device to remove formaldehyde. Plasma sterilization and disinfection effect is extremely strong, and the action time is short. It is far less than that of high -strength ultraviolet rays, and it can be dynamically disinfected with air under the circumstances of someone to achieve human -machine co -operation without any harm to the body.

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