The air disinfection machine is responsible for special personnel and is on standby for 24 hours to prevent frequent startup damage.

Filter management: Check the filter regularly. If there are too many dust on the filter, clean or replace the filter with water in time. During the replacement, open the filter cover, remove the filter network from the machine, replace it with a new filter, and finally reinstall the filter on the machine.

UV light management: The radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays will affect the effect of air disinfection. Therefore, at least once a month, the ethanol cotton ball is applied to make the radiation intensity of ultraviolet lights from being affected by dust. Air disinfection machine

Management of negative oxygen ion generator: Due to the dust reduction effect of negative oxygen ions, long -term use will accumulate a large amount of dust near the discharge port shell of the generator, so it needs to be cleared regularly. When cleaning, cut off the power and wipe it with a soft dry cloth or some medical ethanol. Note: You cannot rinse with water. The human body induction probe and display cannot be wiped with detergent, ethanol, etc., and gently wipe it with a wet cloth.

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