There are three types of pollution in the air: biological pollution, chemical pollution and physical pollution. Among them, biological pollution is a pollution with a faster influence, a wide range of influence, and a great risk. Microorganisms contaminate air in indoor breeding and reproduction, which can cause everyone to produce eye stimuli, allergic symptoms, asthma, dermatitis, and their morbid architectural syndrome, and even cause people to die. At this stage, indoor microbial pollution has become an extremely important environmental hygiene problem, and it has become the focus of everyone’s attention. It is urgent to choose a good medical air disinfection machine.

In fact, in addition to plasma air disinfection machines and traditional ultraviolet circulating air disinfection machines, there is also a medical air disinfection machine with the following major superiority: high -efficiency sterilization leading to the industry's electrolytic live oxygen spray. It can produce live oxygen sterilization spray, and high efficiency removes germs such as indoor odors, germs, and new coronary viruses. Effectively eliminating the new coronary virus and other bacterial viruses can also be isolated from the invasion of germs and viruses in the air. Safe and light design concepts are easy to move and can disinfect several spaces. Remove the odor of the room and formaldehyde and its various odors, making the air more natural, and can decompose carcinogens such as formaldehyde. Some "human intelligent induction" can also be used. The portable body is lightweight, which is about the size of A4 paper. It can be placed directly on the table. Effective sterilization rate of air disinfection machine: 99.97%, test concentration -0.1ppm. Live oxygen spray sterilization and immersion cyclic cleaning air has won professional electrolytic technology, converting pure water into high -purity live oxygen solution. When the turbid air is exposed to the filter of the water -permeable live oxygen solution, in the form of "gas -liquid contact", the live oxygen solution is securely atomized to the environment of the air and surface sterilization and remove the odor of the room.

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