1. Style requirements

Medicine disinfection machines generally have four types: wall -mounted, mobile, (stand) cabinet, and top -suction type. More commonly used is wall -mounted and mobile. Specifies should be selected according to the needs of the user’s actual place.

  1. Applicable volume

The applicable volume of conventional medical disinfection machines ranges from 50-150m³, and more commonly used is 100 cubic meters and 150 cubic meters. The applicable volume refers to the applicable volume of the II environment in the “Hospital Disinfection and Sanitation Standards”. The user is used according to the space where they need disinfection, and the use of space for medical disinfection machines cannot be smaller than the actual volume space.

Third, the principle of disinfection

The main disinfection factors are circulating wind ultraviolet rays, ozone and plasma. Dynamic medical disinfection machines generally do not contain ozone disinfection functions. The dual use of dynamic and static use is generally circulating wind ultraviolet and ozone integrated disinfection machines. Medical places are generally not recommended to have oxygen disinfection function now, mainly for plasma and cycling wind ultraviolet disinfection.

Fourth, price budget

Generally, the larger the applicable volume, the higher the price. Different brand products have different prices. Choose the brand with your own budget procurement price. It is recommended to choose a brand with moderate prices.

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