The classification of ozone disinfection machines is mainly distinguished according to the principle of ozone production. There are three mainstream methods produced now: high -voltage discharge type, ultraviolet rays, and electrolytic types. These three methods of ozone have their own sexual points and have important applications in different industries. Let ’s take a look with the editor of Kangya below!

  1. Divide the high -voltage frequency of the generator

There are three types of industrial frequency (50-60Hz), medium frequency (400-1000Hz) and high frequency (> 1000Hz). Work frequency generators withdrew from the market due to large volume and high power consumption. Mid -high frequency generator has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, and large ozone output. It is currently a commonly used product.

  1. Divide according to the gas raw materials used

There are two types of oxygen and air. Oxygen types are usually supplied by oxygen cylinders or oxygen generators. Air type usually uses clean and dry compressed air as raw materials. Because ozone is generated by oxygen, and the oxygen content in the air is only 21%, the ozone concentration produced by the air generator is relatively low, and the purity of the oxygen of the bottle or oxygen generator is above 90%. The concentration is higher.

  1. Divide according to the cooling method

There are water -cooled and cold. Once the ozone disinfection has a large amount of thermal energy, which requires cooling, otherwise ozone will produce side decomposition due to high temperature. The cooling effect of water -cooled generators is good, runs stable, ozone is not attenuated, and can work continuously for a long time, but the structure is complicated and the cost is slightly higher. The effect of wind and cooling is not ideal, and ozone attenuation is obvious. The overall performance of high -performance ozone disinfection machines is stable, usually water -cooled. Wind -cooling is generally only used for medium and low -grade ozone disinfection machines with less ozone output. When choosing a generator, try to choose water -cooled.

  1. Divided according to the materials of the agent

Common types of quartz tube (one of glass), ceramic plates, ceramic tubes, glass tubes and enamel tubes. At present, the ozone disinfection machines made of various electronics materials sold in the market have different properties. The performance of the glass electrical medium is low and the performance is stable. It is a kind of ozone material for Z -to -earn ozone materials, but the mechanical strength is poor. worse. Ceramics are similar to glass, but ceramics are not suitable for processing, especially in large ozone machines. Enamel is one of the new type of dielectric materials, media and electrodes. It has high mechanical strength and high processing accuracy. It is widely used in large and medium -sized ozone disinfection machines, but the manufacturing cost is high.

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