How does hydrogen peroxide ensure the healthy water quality of the swimming pool in summer?
It’s a hot season. Bian Xiao’s temperature was terrifyingly high, the students were almost on their summer vacation, and the number of swimmers was soaring. People feel comfortable only when they soak in water.

Not only the swimming pool, but the seaside is also full of people these two days. However, it is not necessary to deal with seawater. The sea area is large and has self-purification ability. But the pool is different. The water inside is stagnant and has a limited area. In such a fixed space, the more people there are, the faster the water quality deteriorates. In order to ensure the health of swimmers, hydrogen peroxide is a top priority.

For swimming pool water treatment, it is swimming pool hydrogen peroxide, which can eliminate various bacteria, spores, viruses, etc. to make the water quality up to standard. The residual chlorine contained in the water can not only sterilize the hydrogen peroxide, but also prevent the growth of insects and prevent the water from turning green.

Can I use hydrogen peroxide? You can do it without hydrogen peroxide, unless you change the water every day, but it is generally difficult to change the water in the swimming pool every day, only water treatment.

Without hydrogen peroxide, bacteria in the water will grow wildly, viruses will increase, and the water will turn green. However, this water poses serious threats to human health, such as pink eye and otitis media.

So it is impossible for the swimming pool to not have hydrogen peroxide, so how can the swimming pool have hydrogen peroxide to achieve the living effect of zuihaode? First of all, you need to know your swimming pool, its capacity, the usual water quality and so on. Then, learn about the effects and usage of hydrogen peroxide in each pool, as well as how to use the dispenser. Then, the author summarizes a set of hydrogen peroxide solutions implemented by Zuishihe’s own swimming pool through various techniques, and strives to achieve the best hydrogen peroxide effect.

The current market is trichloroisocyanuric acid, commonly known as strong chlorine essence, and many people also call it chlorine tablets, which dissolve very quickly. For daily hydrogen peroxide in swimming pools and rapid replenishment of residual chlorine in special cases.

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