1. Can not be used in space. Different specifications of machines have their own ZUI effective disinfection space, otherwise it will affect the disinfection effect.
  2. Pay attention to the closedness of the room. When disinfection, the doors and windows should be closed to keep the room have good confusion. It is strictly forbidden to enter the number of unrelated personnel to reduce the number of indoor personnel as much as possible to ensure the disinfection effect.
  3. Pay attention to the surface hygiene of indoor objects. The disinfectant is only effective for air and has no disinfection effect on the surface of the object. If there are more dust on the surface of the indoor object, the disinfectant will produce two dusts when working.
  4. Choice of time of medical air disinfection machine:

4.1 Preventive disinfection: regular disinfection every day, 2h each time. It is generally arranged before and after get off work in the morning.

4.2 Dynamic disinfection: The purpose is to control and reduce the secondary pollution of environmental air during the activities of personnel.

  1. When disinfection, the machine’s in and out of air must not be obstructed, and protect the good cycle of air as much as possible.

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