Principle and characteristics of hospital supporting hydrogen peroxide sterilization

Hydrogen peroxide sterilization is mainly through the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide itself to kill microorganisms. Hydrogen peroxide sterilization sterilization can be used for space sterilization or sterilization of some medical instruments.

Usually the hospital has the following scenarios can be used: and the patient is closely related to the ward, operating room, emergency vehicle: laboratory PCR laboratory; Fever clinic; CT room, MRI room.

Before hydrogen peroxide sterilization, the sterilization space needs to be relatively dry, the appropriate temperature: 18~26℃, humidity: 40~60%. In the use of low concentration of hydrogen peroxide sterilization, such as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide commonly used in hospitals is only 3%, the material compatibility is excellent, the decomposition products into water and oxygen is safe for the environment.

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