In the process of blocking the medium in the plasma deodorization device, the interior of the plasma produces particles rich in high chemical activity, such as electrons, ions, ozone, and stimulant molecules. The reaction of the group will be cracked and eventually transformed into carbon dioxide and water such as carbon dioxide and water, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying exhaust gas. The mechanism of purification includes two aspects:
First, in the process of generating plasma, the instantaneous high energy generated by high -frequency discharge can open the chemical energy of some harmful gas molecules, such as: benzene, toluene, dyshaxol, ammonia, triaine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfur hydrogen , A molecular chain structure of methamphetamine, dihydrumin, dihydrous sulfur, carbonized and styrene, sulfide H2S, VOC, etc., which make organic or inorganic polymer polymer compound molecular chain decomposition into single atoms or harmless molecules.
Second, plasma contains a large amount of high -energy electronics, positive and negative ions, excited state particles, and free radicals with strong oxidation. These active particles and some exhaust molecules are combined. Under the influence of electric fields When the energy obtained is greater than the combination of its molecular bond energy, the molecular keys of the exhaust molecules are broken, which directly decomposes into a single atom or a harmless gas molecule is composed of a single atom.

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