1. Use a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the particle atoms in the air into a charged ion. When the air passes through the ionization tube, a millions of positive ions and negative ions will be formed. The detection indicates that the removal rate of dysfenne is 81.8%, the TVOC removal rate is 91.1%, the removal rate of hydrogen sulfide is 85.2%, the formaldehyde removal rate is 82.4%; The removal rate of 96%, 90.48%of Golden Poor Staphylococcus aureus, 99.99%of E. coli, 99.99%of black mold, 99.87%of Bacillus> 93%, ammonia 89.6%.
2. Adopt a patented electrode structure. The exhaust gas has experienced hundreds of electric shocks in the reaction area. Within the volume of the same reactor, the number of discharge points is more than 100 times that of other structures.
3. Module, insertion structure, easy installation and maintenance; strong combination: can be mixed in stringing and mixed application, which can play a significant advantage when dealing with high concentration of odor gas.
4. Simple craftsmanship: simple and convenient operation, no need to take care of it, automatically shut down the police in the event of a fault, an original insulated component, can adapt to the harsh environment.
5. High -energy ionic industrial exhaust gas purification equipment consumes low power: 220V/60W/equipment; the processing of flue gas is low and the operating cost is low.
6. High -energy ion industrial exhaust gas purification equipment Life is long: consisting of sheet metal, plasma and other materials, strong antioxidant, corrosion resistance, and a lifetime of more than ten years.

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