The LCD operation monitoring system has the functions such as automatic switch, temporary manual power -on (remote control) delay automatic shutdown, displaying main component operating time, main component fault alarm (ultraviolet strength and high -voltage plasma strength lower than the extreme alarm).

The airflow can choose high, medium and low, and the wind direction can be shaken.

The filter cleaning time is automatically calculated, displayed and warned.

Automatic time and display and alarm of sterilization factor replacement.

  1. Use

For medical disinfection machines, the air environment in the same position is different. The air environment in the laboratory is usually more microorganisms, which has the function of better purifying air sterilization.

  1. Purification ability

Air disinfection and purification ability is important. If the ability is good, it will ensure the quality of the air environment, so you must have disinfection and sterilization capacity and fresh air purification function when choosing a disinfection machine.


  1. Whether used for static disinfection or dynamic continuous disinfection, doors and windows must be closed.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to cover or block the entrance and air outlet.
  3. The power socket must use a 3 -core socket with a safe branch.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to inflow the machine. When cleaning the machine with a wet cloth, first cut off the power.
  5. Do not use the volume to achieve disinfection effect.
  6. Check the working status of the machine regularly. It should be repaired immediately when discovering abnormalities, and electrical faults should be by professional and technical personnel

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