The ion deodorizing and sterilizing machine in public toilets can have the function of fresh air replacement. The mode can be switched intelligently. The switch on/off time can be set freely without personnel on duty. It also releases fresh air containing negative oxygen ions into the room to further clean the odor in the toilet and improve the toilet experience. The use of photolytic nano semiconductor deodorization technology originates from the principle of photolytic oxidation deodorization of NASA space station. The internal semiconductor materials are never consumed and do not need to be replaced.

The main source of toilet odor is ammonia and amine substances in the air. Ordinary aromatic agents and aromatherapy can not remove ammonia at all. Using a fan to remove odor will inevitably generate noise and pollute the atmosphere. The effect of using the ion deodorizing and sterilizing machine in public toilets is good. The method without consumables is to install a sterilizing and deodorizing machine in public toilets, with the effect reaching more than 95%.

The service life of the UV generator of the ion deodorizing sterilizer in public toilets is 10000 hours. During the service life, as long as the generator is not damaged, the function of sterilization and deodorization can be maintained; If it is used for ten consecutive hours every day, it can also be replaced after nearly three years. The characteristics are as follows:

  1. Rapid purification

The disinfection, sterilization/odor control and purification efficiency of the ultra-high order light water ion technology is 200 times that of the single ozone and 3000 times that of the single ultraviolet ray.

  1. Active purification

The purification factor will actively disperse into the air, actively decompose indoor pollution sources, and comprehensively purify the air.

  1. Safety purification

The purification factors generated will be completely reduced to natural substances without secondary pollution.

  1. Zero harm to human body

The purification factor will not have any impact on the human body and can be turned on all the time to ensure that the overall environment remains clean.

  1. Purification, low maintenance without consumables

The ion shield screen is cleaned regularly, and the power consumption is extremely low, less than one kilowatt hour in two days.

  1. Industry stronger core

Using nano ceramic catalyst technology, the effective reaction efficiency is increased by 100 times. The nano UV ion tube technology can work effectively for more than 2 years. Super quiet centrifugal fan is adopted.

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