1. High efficiency filter screen

HEPA high efficiency filter screen is used for industrial air purifier. This filter screen has a very powerful filtering effect, which can filter suspended particles within 0.3 μ m in the air, and remove dust floating objects generated in industrial production by more than 99%, ensuring the safety and pollution-free of the working environment of workers.

  1. Activated carbon adsorption

HEPA filter screen can filter out suspended particles in the air, but it is impossible to remove some peculiar smell, formaldehyde and smoke. At this time, activated carbon is needed to absorb dust and peculiar smell, as well as harmful gases such as pollen and formaldehyde. The activated carbon in the industrial air purifier is different from the ordinary household activated carbon. The activated carbon with polymer structure is used, with larger surface pore diameter and stronger adsorption capacity.

  1. Antiallergic and antistatic

In addition, in industrial production, it is inevitable to produce some allergic substances, which will affect workers and cause a large area of allergy. If industrial air filter is used, it can effectively resist allergy and prevent the generation of static electricity, and can reduce the substances in the air that cause human allergy.

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