With the development of the times, the level of national living has continued to improve, and residents pay more attention to the quality of life, not just satisfied with food and clothing. Pay more attention to health, and the air purifier gradually enters the household, but consumers have many problems with the use and placement of air purifiers, resulting in a reduction in the service life of the air purifier. Today, I will explain the four major misunderstandings and corresponding solutions of the placement of the air purifier.

  1. Place the air purifier in the smooth air:
    We usually buy a air purifier. Many people subconsciously put the air purifier and ventilate, which can effectively reduce indoor air pollution. In this case, the location of the room is relatively air circulation and the air quality is good. For purifier treatment, as long as we transfer the air purifier to, the air is not so smooth, so as to remove the pollutants of each position of the room.
    Corresponding solution: Place the indoor air without smooth indoor air purifiers for effective purification treatment.
  2. Place the location of the air purifier against the wall
    In order to save room space, many families will put the air purifier in the corner to save space for enough space. Xiaobian wants to say that this is actually wrong. It needs to keep a certain distance from the wall, so that the entry and outlet mouth can maintain better air circulation and achieve the purpose of filtering the air. In addition, the air purifier can put some corners to suck some dust, which will damage the performance of the air purifier.
    Correct solution: The air purifier should be far away from the corner. It is best to place it in the middle of the room or at least 1 to 2 meters away from the wall to maintain good air circulation.
  3. Putting the air purifier high at will:
    Under normal circumstances, for families with smokers, air purifiers should be placed in high positions such as desktop, which can effectively absorb smoke particles in the air.
    Correct solutions: Generally placed in a lower position, when there are smokers at home, it is not too far away from smokers. There are more viruses or particles deposited in most families with lower households. At this time, the air purifier can be placed in a lower position, so that the filtration effect can be better.
    Correct solutions: The air purifier is placed in some places closer to the activity area, otherwise the microchannel PM2.5 will not be reduced.

Fourth, the air purifier is placed only the bedroom:
According to the results of the editor’s investigation, when we buy an air purifier, this causes the air purifier to not take care of all rooms, so the position of the air purifier is often transformed. Therefore, at night, the air purifier should be placed, living room, study, and other positions. He healthy allows the family to breathe fresh air and ensure that the family is harmed by harmful gas.
Correct solution: Place the air purifier in the active area and move the air purifier appropriate position.

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