1. Fan filter unit

Fan filter unit (FFU) is the key module of air purification system in purification project. Its working principle is: the air is sucked in by the fan from the top of FFU and filtered by primary and high efficiency filters. The filtered clean air is uniformly sent out through the air outlet at an average wind speed of 0.45m/s.

  1. Laminar flow hood

Laminar flow hood is mainly composed of box, fan, high efficiency air filter, primary efficiency filter, perforated plate and controller, and the shell cold plate is sprayed with plastic or stainless steel plate. The main function of the laminar flow hood is to pass the air through the high efficiency filter at a certain speed to form a flow equalizing layer to promote the vertical one-way flow of clean air, so as to ensure the high cleanliness required by the process in the work area.

  1. Air shower

In many dust-free workshops, the air shower is one of the essential equipment. The function of the air shower is to remove the dust, hair scraps and other small particles attached to the clothes of the personnel entering and leaving the workshop, so as to reduce the potential safety hazards brought by personnel entering and leaving the workshop. The working principle of the air shower is to use a rotary nozzle to blow strong and clean air to people, so as to remove dust.

  1. Transfer window

The transfer window is also a common equipment in the purification project, mainly used for the transfer of goods between the clean area and the non clean area. The application of the transfer window can effectively reduce the number of times the workshop is opened, thereby reducing the risk of the workshop being polluted by the outside air. With the improvement of technical level, the application of air shower transfer window in various purification projects is more and more extensive. The air shower transmission window can spray the clean air flow filtered by the high efficiency filter onto the goods from all directions through the rotatable nozzle to quickly remove dust particles.

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