1. Air purification: Reduce microorganisms and particulate matter in indoor air to achieve harmless technology or methods.
  2. Clean surgical department (room): A certain air cleaning technology is adopted to achieve the surgical department (room) of the corresponding cleanliness level standards such as the number of water fungus and the number of dust particles.
  3. Natural ventilation: The use of heat or wind pressure caused by the density difference caused by the air inside and outside of the building, which promotes the ventilation of air flow.
  4. Concentrated air -conditioning ventilation system: In order to meet the requirements of the air temperature, humidity, cleanliness and airflow speed of the room or closed space, meet the sum of all equipment, pipelines and accessories, and instruments of all equipment, pipelines and accessories, and instruments that are centralized, transported, and allocated.
  5. Air purification and disinfection device: Remove the device of microorganisms, particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in concentrated air -conditioning ventilation systems.

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