Hydrogen peroxide 6-log sterilization

Disinfectant dry mist fogger

Disinfectant dry mist fogger

Compatable for Hydrogen peroxide , Chlorine Dioxide ,Hypochlorous Acid ,Peracetic acid … high corrosive disinfectant

Only one click , 6-log bacillus stearothermophilus reduction

Is the perfect choice for Pharmaceuticals , Hospitals ,Ambulances and laboratories and all business locations that require 6-log reduction and no corruption to environment and device renting service. Built using ionized hydrogen peroxide technology and IOT remote control and monitor system and AI calculation , it can decontaminate big volume with one click. 

When used in the FFD IOT Decontamination System , multi devices can be automated for bigger volume , real-time disinfection result validation , H2O2 catalyzation and high hygiene air maintaining.

Clear Advantages

Log 6 Decontamination

Bacillus Stearothermophilus 6 Log decontamination

3D Disinfection

One cycle , air & objects disinfected

Low Consumption

Only 9.8 ml / m3 consumption for Log 6 with 7.5% H2O2

7.5% H2O2

No hazardous chemicals storage, safer operation                                                                        

Bigger Space

80m /s vent diffuse gas phase around much bigger space with external liquid adding system

No Corruption

Ionized H2O2   and 7.5% H2O make disinfection with corruption free      

Easy Operation

A professional disinfection cycle needs only one click

No Preparation

No droplets and fog disinfection procedure , keeping things dry and safe

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

The combination of Hydrogen Peroxide with the atmospheric cold plasma arc guarantees that the VHP acts directly on the unsaturated fatty acids in the bacterial cell membranes, thus an oxidation reaction of the lipids occurs, destroying the cell membrane , killing bacteria and fungus. Reactive oxygen free radicals and negative ions also cause oxidative damage to RNA and DNA avoiding what could be antibiotic resistance. Damaged DNA undergoes breaks, mutations, changes in thermal stability, thus adversely affecting the genetic composition and thus eliminating the pathogen.

With Smart 1000 the peroxide is atomized with a unique and proprietary system, using a mix of pressure, air speed, temperature and expanding surface , which allow a capacity to vaporize at the nanometric level and distribute it with the air flow of 50m/s evenly over the entire surface and air to deal. The atomization level allows to create gasified peroxide particles at molecules (0.4 nm) that do not release droplets and do not damage the equipment and surrounding material. Log 6 of pathogen reduction are guaranteed within 500 m3


Handle and rolls equipped , super compact and light

IOT Control & Monitor

Smart phone , PC , Website control and monitor

No Tank Capacity Limit

External disinfectant adding system ,tank volume customizable

H2O2 Flow Regulable

100-4000 ml / h

Long Continuous Working Time

Brushless motor permits 20 hours continuous working time<

No Disinfectant Waste

With the sealed single way external tank , disinfectant remains can be used again

Technical Specification

Power supply

220-230V 50/60HZ

Electrical Power


Net weight


Control system



external refill

Particle size

0.0004-1 MICRON


360*310*600 mm

Working temperature

8-50 ℃

Max .single working time

20 小时

Max disinfectant flow rate


Spray speed


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