The indoor air is filtered and filtered through the water inlet, filtering out large particles and sheet -like pollutants. The high -voltage electrostatic field generates new crowns and electricity, causing air electrostatic, and the dust particles collide with negative ions to generate a charge effect (including negative power). Under the influence of the electric field force, move to the dust collection plate (anode). Electronics, deposited on the dust plate. At the same time, under the impact and infiltration of high -energy cations in the air, the cell membrane and cell wall were destroyed and bacteria died. Later, the composite activated carbon filter removes the charge dust particles in the air to adsorb odors, ozone and toxic and harmful gases. Medical air disinfection machine

1) The killing effect of the medical air disinfectioner on microorganisms

The bacterial removal process of the medical air disinfection can be briefly described as four stages: new crowns, bacterial charge, dust migration, and polar seal deposition. Medical air disinfection machine

The high -voltage electrostatic field of the disinfection machine is a combined honeycomb high -voltage electrostatic field, which has the function of breaking bacterial cysts and sterilization. The killing rate of gas -soluble germ bacteria was 99.90%.

2) Factors affecting the effect of disinfection

A). The relative humidity of the disinfectant’s air is too high, which will adversely affect the disinfection effect.

B). The cleanliness and pollution of indoor air are difficult to disinfect the disinfection effect, too much dust, and severe pollution.

C). The level of voltage will affect the power field strength of the internal high -voltage electrostatic field component, which will affect the disinfection effect. Medical air disinfection machine

3) The mechanism of killing microorganisms

When the microorganisms (gas -soluble gel) attached to the surface of the dust surface, through the high -voltage electric field (electric field strength (8.5 ~ 10) KV/CM2), it can be polarized into a charge of the gas -soluble gluttonous waves, which quickly accumulates into anode and neutralize discharge. After the dust was accumulated, microorganisms were killed in the electric field to achieve colonies.

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