At present, hydrogen peroxide steam disinfection has become the mainstream disinfection method in medical institutions and scientific research colleges, relying on its thorough disinfection, *, green environmental protection without residual gradually replace the traditional disinfection method.

Hydrogen peroxide on flash technology, hydrogen peroxide and water evaporation at the same time, released into the disinfection space, hydrogen peroxide during table to form the condensation of steam, covering all the surfaces, release the strong oxidizing hydroxyl, destroy the bacterial cell wall, membrane, DNA, RNA, etc., thus to kill bacteria, initiate the decomposition process after disinfection, Let the environment achieve a green safe high level of disinfection state.

Shanghai Songtong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on hydrogen peroxide technology. Its listed Kino intelligent terminal disinfection robot, relying on its intelligent, automatic ranging, automatic decomposition, automatic completion of the disinfection process has become a new choice for many medical institutions.

Benefits of hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) disinfection: In the development of biopharmaceuticals, there have been situations where drug activity can be destroyed by terminal sterilization, which means that the demand for aseptic procedures is growing. Pressure from regulators to comply at the microbiome level further fuels the need for efficient sterilization technologies. The microbiome level is defined in Annex 1 of the EU GMP Guidelines for Medical Products and in the FDA Guidelines for the Industry of sterile drugs produced by aseptic processes.

Disinfection with detergent sprays is a traditional manual method that is not effective in achieving the required reduction in biological load (biological contaminants) to comply with Annex 1. One solution is to use hydrogen peroxide vapor technology. Hydrogen peroxide vapor disinfection can safely reduce biological load in a controlled environment (i.e., isolator, transfer chamber, or a room). It was proved that the number of buds could be reduced by 6 orders of magnitude. Hydrogen peroxide steam purification process (see Figure 2) can be used to verify whether the required biological purification level is met by Geobacillus stearothermophilus biological indicator. Typically, the critical area/surface decreases by 6 orders of magnitude and the surrounding environment decreases by 4 orders of magnitude (i.e., 1,000,000 and 10,000 units of microbial reduction, respectively).

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