Ultraviolet sterilizer, its advantages are high stability of irradiation intensity, sterilization life up to 9000 hours, high transmittance quartz glass tube, light transmittance ≥87%, the unit price is moderate than similar products, sterilization life up to 8000 hours, its irradiation intensity at 253.7um remains stable, stable than the domestic similar products irradiation intensity. The broken lamp tube has sound and light alarm to remind. High brightness mirror sterilization reaction chamber design. Compared with similar products abroad, the bactericidal intensity is increased by 18%-27%, and the bactericidal rate can reach 99.99%.

Ultraviolet sterilizer body inside and outside are made of 304L or 316L stainless steel material, the body inside and outside polishing treatment to strengthen the ultraviolet radiation, to ensure that the sterilized substance in the disinfection and sterilization process will not have incomplete disinfection and sterilization situation.

People use ultraviolet sterilization principle to hospital of professional sterilization technology and introduced the sterilization field of daily life, the indoor applied in daily life, home, car, refrigerator sterilizer and industrial sterilizer is using high-frequency c-band ultraviolet within 20 seconds to 1 minute for a variety of microbial DNA damage, Can kill 99% bacteria and viruses, including influenza, hepatitis virus, e. coli, golden yellow staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis variant spore and various black mildew source body, the allergy source, to the daily life of people to provide a safe environment, especially suitable for tableware, personal and public goods, toys and other objects on the surface of quick disinfection and deodorization in addition to flavor, fresh air, etc.

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