Ultraviolet disinfection technology has incomparable sterilization efficiency with other technologies. The sterilization efficiency can reach 99%-99.9%. The following table lists the ultraviolet technology for the sterilization of several common bacterial viruses in less than 1 second.

And traditional chlorine, ozone and other chemical disinfection methods to achieve UV C sterilization effect generally need 20 minutes to 1 hour time.

Table 1 Bactericidal efficiency of UV C technology against common bacterial viruses (UV radiation intensity: 30,000μW/cm2) UV 440W product Profile :UV 440W STERILIZER standard LISTUV 550W Product Profile :UV 550W STERILIZER standard LISTUV 825W-T product profile :UV [1][2][3][4] Four Service features and range of UV STERILIZER with uniform water flow, no dead Angle, good irradiation condition, thorough sterilization, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation. No metal ion infection problem, product structure is closed container quartz sleeve type, internal electrical control device. The key ultraviolet lamp has a theoretical life of up to 10000 hours, reaching the international advanced level. The product appearance is beautiful and generous, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, residential life, hotels, institutions and schools; Field troops, food processing, medicine industry, highly pure water preparation, public places or direct drinking leisure tourism and water is not allowed to leave excess chlorine drinks or other industries.

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