One of the key points of epidemic prevention and control is to block the source of infection, so disinfecting is essential. Hospitals usually use hydrogen peroxide disinfection machines to disinfect intensive care units (ICUs), hemodialysis rooms, operating rooms, infectious disease rooms, PCR laboratories, ambulances and other places, which can ensure environmental safety and prevent potential secondary infections. Many hospitals that accept positive patients have a high risk of being positive, so the requirements for sterilization will be stricter. Some equipment with high-efficiency filters in the hospital also need to be completely sterilized. For example, PCR laboratories that detect nucleic acid samples usually have biological Safety cabinets or isolators, vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers can be docked with such small cavities through pipeline circulation, so as to completely kill the high-efficiency filter that traps viruses and ensure the safety of the environment and personnel.
The vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is an intelligent disinfection product. The high-temperature hydrogen peroxide vapor generated by the evaporation of hydrogen peroxide is continuously sprayed by the sterilizer until it reaches the saturation state of the hydrogen peroxide vapor in the space. The hydrogen oxide vapor will reach a micro-condensation state when it comes into contact with the surface of the colder object to be disinfected, forming a micron-scale surrounding layer on the surface of various microorganisms. The hydrogen peroxide molecule will react with light or metal ions to release hydroxyl radicals. When it comes into contact with cells, it will damage the cell membrane and DNA, and free radicals will inactivate microorganisms, kill microorganisms in a short time, and achieve a disinfection effect. Free radicals can kill microorganisms with a 6-log killing effect.
Reference technical parameters:
Space sterilization volume: 500 cubic meters
Liquid storage: 2 liters
Applicable disinfectant: 35% hydrogen peroxide
Weight: 40kg
Air outlet: 6
Sterilization effect: 6log kill rate
Control mode: wireless tablet + built-in screen

Dosing speed: 1-10g/min (can be adjusted)
Dimensions: 500x550x1200mm
Liquid level monitoring: display the remaining amount in real time

Sterilization dual mode: space sterilization + pipeline circulation

  1. With printing function

Touch panel man-machine dialogue interface, user-friendly design three-level administrator password to enter; display date and clock functions;

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