UV disinfection lamp cars have a strong bacteriostatic effect at the indoor disinfection level, which is used to sterilize and sterilize the indoor air quality, object appearance and water and its liquid. At this stage, it has been widely used in colleges, kindergartens, and rice room nutritional meals.

UV disinfection lamps are usually started to disinfect and sterilize for about 30 minutes to reach the standard of disinfection and sterilization. What is usually important for disinfection and sterilization is the collective natural environment of the class, because the light of ultraviolet disinfection lamps is illuminated by people, which will cause harm. In order to deepen the standard application, common precautions for sterilization of ultraviolet disinfection lamps are issued.

Pay attention to the entire application process: 1. Press the milky white button when extending the lamp tube, and press the milky white button when you learn to put it down. 2. When the indoor air quality of ultraviolet disinfection lamp cars is used, it should be kept clean and dry in the room to reduce the dust and water mist. 3. In areas where ultraviolet disinfection lamps are disinfected on the same day, 84 disinfection agents will not be applied. 4. When the UV disinfection lamp car is immediately disinfected and sterilized, people must not be in the house. UV light sources cannot be used to prevent harm. 5. Do a good job of application records and record the new version of disinfection records. 6. In the case of no protection measures, the medium short wave ultraviolet rays will cause immediately damage to the body: 1. Human eyes and skin are exposed to the ultraviolet light to be less than 3 minutes. It will cause corneal hazards to cause eyeitis. The eyes are suddenly painful, uncomfortable, eyes are afraid of light, tears or eyelid spasm, etc. 3. Long -term lighting can endanger the eyes and skin, resulting in external injuries and skin severe burning. It may lead to skin cancer, so when disinfected and sterilized, it is stipulated that irrelevant staff should should be about 30 minutes.

Based on this study and training, the need for collective disinfection and sterilization natural ventilation in class has been emphasized, and the awareness of safety precautions of the teaching director itself has been strengthened, and the health of students’ health is stronger.

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