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What is tunnel air disinfection system?

Block the whole air disinfection process in a tunnel .

We use High-speed Pulsed Surface Discharge to act on the oxygen and water vapor in the air to form a high density “plasma tunnel” trillions ions , when the air pass in this tunnel with microorganisms  VOC, TVOC and odor , a large number of basic chemical bonds are destroyed. The remaining damaged microorganisms and other substances enter the UVA treating unit , during this contact time less than 1 second , all the microorganisms are inactivated then discharged with the air , the remaining reactive oxygen species as ozone , OH. and HO2 will filtered by a special filter , so there will be no impact on the indoor environment and people inside


Why we use tunnel air disinfection system

Because a effective air disinfection should be fast and safe . 

Basically tunnel air disinfection system use bi polar ionization( Plasma ) technology combined with UVA , so the effective disinfection factors are reactive oxygen species  .If the density of reactive oxygen species and contact time with patogens are well balanced , we can get a safe and fast disinfection process .

Fast : If a air disinfection machine occur 2 hours for decontaminating an indoor space of 30 m³ , it can be not used as a infection control machine .  With tunnel air disinfection system , for a 5-Log reduction of aspergillus niger in 30 m³ , you need only 30 minutes .  

Safe : A fast and agressive disinfection is always with toxic or hazardous , but a fast and agressive air disinfectin system without people present has no sense .With tunnel air disinfection system ,   all the disinfection process is performed inside the tonnel and there is not hazardous or toxic materials get out .

What is our bi-polar ionization technology ?

We use High-speed Pulsed Surface Discharge technology for generating reactive oxygen species . 

The main advantages of this technology is high reliability and high ion generation quantity  .

Reliability : This system is designed with self cleaning system that can avoid frequent cleaning and replacement  , because when the ionization polar are covered by dirts , the ionization function will get invalid . 

High ion generation quantity : This system can generate a high electron density  up to 8.62 * 10^18  electrons / m³