So how do you sterilize the air? To disinfect the air, it is necessary to ensure that the disinfection solution can float in the air. How to ensure that the disinfection solution can float in the air? It must be gasified to a small enough particle state. The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can achieve 100% gasification. At the same time, the characteristics of the hydrogen peroxide solution are that it has strong disinfection power in the gasified state, and the disinfectant can be gasified into ≤ 1 micron. It can not only disinfect the surface of objects, but also disinfect bacteria and viruses in the air, and prevent the spread of viruses through aerosols, which is a good choice for preventing and controlling the spread of epidemic diseases.

Normal temperature and normal pressure plasma hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology is a unique patented technology, which has received more and more attention and attention in practical applications. It is mainly used to disinfect pathogens in closed environments and rebuild clean sterile Environment, air + environmental surface disinfection is completed at one time, which is a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient environmental purification technology. The hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer can thoroughly disinfect and sterilize the entire space without dead ends and residues. It is an advanced disinfection and sterilization technology at home and abroad.

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