Medical plasma air disinfection machine, a plasma air disinfection machine with international leading standards, uses (SPIC) super ionter generator, instantly stirred up a mega billion positive and negative ion, which can efficiently sterilize, and the effectiveness of plasma sterilization and disinfection effectiveness. It is extremely high, and the effect time is short, which is far less than high -strength ultraviolet rays. Plashes are the fourth form in the same solid, liquid, and gaseous. The SPIC ultra -ion cloud releases a mega billion -dollar positive electrons, which forms a large amount of energy through positive and negative ions, and then destroy the bacterial envelope and kill the nucleus.
The comparison of medical plasma air disinfection machines with traditional disinfection machines has the following six advantages:, high -efficiency sterilized plasma sterilization and disinfection effect is extremely high, and the effect time is short. The sterilization and disinfection of environmentally friendly plasma continues to run, which will not form ultraviolet rays, ozone, and avoid the second environmental pollution of the environment. Efficient degradable plasma disinfection machine can also degrade the harmful and toxic gases in the air. The power consumption is low, and the power of the plasma air disinfection machine is less than half of the other disinfection machines, which is quite power -saving. As far as the 150M3 room is concerned, the plasma machine is 150W, the ultraviolet machine is 450W or more, and the electricity cost is more than 1,000 yuan a year. Under the normal launch of the long -term use of a plasma disinfection machine, the design and use life is 15 years, while the ultraviolet disinfection machine is invested in a lifetime of free consumables for about 2 years. It costs nearly 1,000 yuan for about 2 years. The plasma disinfection machine does not require consumables for life.

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