The length of contact time is the key factor that determines the effects of short -wave UV insulting specific pathogens of ultraviolet disinfectant; contact time refers to the time when the pathogen is exposed to specific strength short -wave ultraviolet rays. The longer the contact time, the more short -wave ultraviolet radiation penetration penetration, the more effective the activation process will be. The slower the water flows over the ultraviolet system, the longer the UV contact time, and vice versa; therefore, the maximum and minimum water flow should be considered. Different pathogens have different resistance to ultraviolet rays, and some pathogens are more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays than other pathogens; therefore, in order to live different pathogens, short -wave ultraviolet rays need to be exposed.

What are the types of ultraviolet disinfectant? First of all, ultraviolet equipment is an important process tool that can ensure that purifying water circuits run under microbial pollution standards. Its advantage is that it is convenient to install and occupy a small area; simple maintenance can be performed by on -site staff; as a non -chemical treatment method, it will not affect the stability of the product. Secondary pollution and side effects.

  1. Classification by flow: Large flow ultraviolet disinfection, medium flow disinfection, small traffic disinfection, home disinfection device
  2. Classified by function: conventional disinfection, automatic cleaning disinfection, manual cleaning disinfectioner
  3. Classification according to the scope of use: drinking water ultraviolet disinfectant, swimming pool ultraviolet disinfection, sewage UV disinfection, Mingqu ultraviolet disinfection, breeding UV disinfection, food ultraviolet disinfection device
  4. Classification according to installation: integrated ultraviolet sterilizers, split -type ultraviolet bactericidals, top -to -bottom UV germs, side -in -side out -of -side ultraviolet funguses.

The fundamental difference between the mid -pressure ultraviolet disinfectant and ordinary low -pressure ultraviolet disinfectant is that it uses less lamps, has a large power, simple and compact structure, can meet the installation requirements in the small space. Sub -pollution, low use cost.

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