Hydrogen peroxide is also suitable for the final sterilization of precision instruments that are not resistant to humidity and heat, and the disinfection specifications of medical institutions indicate that hydrogen peroxide sterilization can be used as a means of final disinfection.

Our company has a complete range of equipment, there are more than a dozen models, users can choose equipment according to the following main indicators for reference:

1, sterilization volume: a single can destroy 300 cubic meters, 500 cubic meters, etc. (When the number of large space equipment is not enough, you can choose to add equipment or partition block sterilization). The sterilization volume marked by the equipment is the volume that achieves log6 level of complete killing effect. If it is only used for simple disinfection, the disinfection volume can reach about 1.5~2 times of the sterilization volume.

  1. Equipment type: it is recommended to use atomization equipment in areas with high humidity; In addition to space sterilization, it is recommended to choose vaporization equipment if isolation, biosafety cabinet, centrifuge, lyophilizer and other closed small chambers need to be independently sterilized.

3, equipment modeling: hand push type or hand carry type, some sterilization space is small, large equipment is not easy to place, it is recommended to use hand carry type.

4, functional configuration: The optional functions of the equipment are generally printer, U disk export, catalytic decomposition device, infrared range finder, real-time monitoring of hydrogen peroxide concentration, hydrogen peroxide residue monitoring, etc.

  1. Pay attention to: 1) If it is necessary to destroy small chambers such as biosafety cabinet separately, it is recommended to use vaporization equipment for space sterilization and pipeline circulation sterilization, which can pass through efficiently. (2) If the use frequency is high or the use area humidity is large, it is strongly recommended to use atomization equipment, the use of disinfectant concentration is low, good compatibility, timely extreme cases of condensation, even if condensation dozens of times will not corrosion. (3) If the NMR room needs to be sterilized, it is necessary to consider non-magnetic equipment, and it is recommended to choose the sterilizer with ABS engineering material shell.

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