1. The sterilant can be controlled to be sprayed in the form of dry mist, and the particle size of the dry mist can be controlled at a precise and consistent level, reducing the risk of condensation droplets and ensuring the penetration and sterilization effect on complex areas.
  2. It can effectively reach all areas of the clean area, and the spray volume of 10 probes can be set independently!
  3. Intelligent control, flat panel display, easy and intuitive operation.
  4. Tablet wireless remote control, time reservation, timer switch and other functions
  5. Solid structure, easy maintenance
  6. A single machine can be used for sterilization of 20-2500m3 space
  7. The entire sterilization process takes 2-5 hours, and the sterilization time is greatly shortened
  8. Instead of formaldehyde sterilization, it can achieve 6 logarithmic killing effects
  9. No residue, no harm to personnel
  10. Short sterilization time
  11. GMP, FDA, EP recommend the sterilization method of environmental space in clean area
  12. 10 nozzles are designed with a larger sterilization space of 2500 cubic meters.
  13. The programmable controller program is automatically controlled, with software calculation function, which can calculate the consumption of disinfectant according to different temperature, humidity and room size, and accurately control the amount. Sterilization process parameters, process indications and equipment operating conditions can be displayed visually. Has significant traceability to the entire sterilization process. Comply with GMP requirements. User flat touch screen provides very comprehensive information.
  14. The parameter storage function of up to 10 rooms is convenient for traceability and repeated sterilization operations!
  15. Secure Password

The password system includes 3 user levels, and this system can determine 20 users. Whether the process parameters can be changed can be determined according to the user’s password level.

  1. History record screen: It can display the sterilization time, the historical record of the amount of disinfectant, and retain 9 sets of data.
  2. Equipment maintenance screen: Manual operation of equipment can be performed on this screen to create conditions for equipment maintenance.

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