Professional indoor air and surface disinfection in the easiest way with FasFreDe device

We are dedicated to provide the most resonable disinfection devices equipped the scientific disinfection protocol to the market , with our devices you can easily finish a complicated professional decontamination job by 1 or 2 clicks.

What FasFreDe produce ?

Hydrogen Peroxide 6-log disinfection machine

Plasma 5-log air disinfection  machine

UVC LED convex disinfection unit 

Intelligent disinfection validation indicator

Disinfection,why choose Fasfrede?

Guarantee of high level disinfection

5-log biological reduction for air disinfection with people presence

6-log endospore reduction surface sterelization with no people presence

Easy control

A professional disinfection cycle guaranteeing a more than 5-log bio reduction is very complicated , with our devices we can guarantee you can archieve this result with less than 3 clicks

Disinfection mission management system

If it’s necessary to track the details of any disinfection cycle as operator , disinfection result and status of devices , our disinfection mission management system will help you to register every action in the disinfection cycle.

Green disinfection

All the technologies we are using for disinfection are totally degradable to only water and oxygen                                                             

Sterilization result reproducible

Our main customers are from pharmaceutical industries , the most important thing is guaranteeing the sterilization protocol’s reproduciblity , we applicated this concept into every device we provide to the market

Customizable market specific disinfection solution

What we are providing is not only disinfection devices , but our experience translated in to our system. We can customize disinfection solution according to the market specific disinfection requirement     

No complicated training for use

If you are not a researcher, for the most complicated 6-log endospore disinfection , what the you need to do is only input space volume and bio reduction level , then the system take care all the rest settings ,because in the system development we have considerated not only the technical issues , but also easy use for the operators