1. The number of hydrogen peroxide sterilizers configured depends on the volume of the sterilization area and the layout of the room. The scheme design meets the needs of one-time complete sterilization. Users can also sterilize in different areas according to the sterilization scheme; and hydrogen peroxide sterilization The configuration of the device itself can meet the hardware and software requirements such as audit trail.
  2. Why the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer equipment is large or small and has an engineering material shell and a stainless steel shell:

(1) Some clean areas have small space, such as QC laboratories of pharmaceutical factories or hospital emergency vehicles, and it is more convenient to use portable equipment;

(2) Some explosion-proof workshops can also customize explosion-proof enclosures, or use gas-inserted equipment;

(3) The nuclear magnetic resonance room needs to be free of magnetism, and the metal parts of the equipment itself should be minimized, and the ABS engineering material shell should be selected.

In summary, the configuration we recommend can meet the disinfecting needs of various usage scenarios.

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