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FasFreDe Descontaminación rápida y sin residuos Contacto Solución de descontaminación única Sistemas de descontaminación por atomización totalmente automáticos Sistemas de purificación del aire , Sistemas de desinfección de conductos de aire Sistemas de desinfección del agua Nueva línea de productos UVC LED Como parte más importante de nuestro ecosistema de desinfección , para la desinfección del agua y la desinfección rápida de objetos pequeños, hemos elegido UV-C-LED como nuestra tecnología principal . ¿Por qué utilizar UV-C-LED para la desinfección del agua y la desinfección rápida? Seguridad: Seguro de transportar y seguro de usar, en la fuente de luz UV-C no hay un tubo de vidrio frágil que se rompa fácilmente en el transporte, no hay mercurio en la fuente UV-C LED, por lo que no hay riesgo de fuga de metales pesados durante el uso y el transporte: Durante el uso, el encendido/apagado instantáneo puede ahorrar mucha energía y crear un calor mínimo que dañará la superficie del objeto y cambiará la temperatura del agua Longitud de onda :UV-C contiene una longitud de onda de 100 a 400 nm, UV-C a 254 nm se considera la longitud de onda de desinfección más efectiva, la fuente de luz LED UV-C puede fijar la longitud de onda a 254 ±3nm lo que hace que la eficiencia de desinfección sea mucho más alta Súper compacta: Gracias a la característica de los chips LED, nosotros

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máquina de desinfección con peróxido de hidrógeno

Solución para la desinfección del hospital de urgencias de Hongkong Central

Solución de desinfección para el hospital central de emergencias de Hongkong 17 de mayo de 2022 , Nosotros FasFreDe como proveedor de soluciones de desinfección, los últimos 20 Smart 1000 fueron entregados al hospital central de emergencias de Hongkong. Smart 1000 es nuestro producto estrella en la serie de desinfección de peróxido de hidrógeno de 6 logs, que es muy fácil para los usuarios con una alta eficiencia de descontaminación contra el covid-19, es seleccionado como la unidad de desinfección para el hospital de emergencia asistido por el gobierno central porque Smart 1000 es la única máquina en el mercado que permite el control de grupo. Sistema de desinfección con control de grupo: Los dispositivos múltiples pueden ser operados por un panel de control, de modo que todas las misiones de desinfección pueden ser estandarizadas en la situación complicada, más allá de que para la cabina súper grande, el hospital puede controlar los dispositivos múltiples con un solo clic. ¿Por qué Smart 1000 es la mejor opción para la desinfección de cabinas móviles en hospitales? Desinfección de patógenos de amplio espectro: Smart 1000 utiliza peróxido de hidrógeno como desinfectante y pulveriza el peróxido de hidrógeno ionizado, que puede matar el patógeno más difícil de matar, el prión. La cabina móvil se construye siempre para la pandemia

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Noticias de la industria de la descontaminación

The characteristics and application range of plasma disinfection machines

High environmental protection factor is also a major feature of plasma disinfection machines, because plasma disinfection machines can continue to work. It will not release odor and noise, and will not produce ultraviolet rays. Ozone can prevent it from causing secondary pollution to air, which can be large. Ensure environmental safety limit. Plasma disinfection machines also have excellent degradation, because this disinfection machine can not only complete disinfection of air while working, but also degrade harmful and toxic gases in the air.

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Some knowledge points of ultraviolet disinfectant

The length of contact time is the key factor that determines the effects of short -wave UV insulting specific pathogens of ultraviolet disinfectant; contact time refers to the time when the pathogen is exposed to specific strength short -wave ultraviolet rays. The longer the contact time, the more short -wave ultraviolet radiation penetration penetration, the more effective the activation process will be. The slower the water flows over the ultraviolet system, the longer the UV contact time, and vice versa; therefore, the maximum and minimum water flow should be considered. Different pathogens have different resistance to ultraviolet rays, and some pathogens are more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays than other pathogens; therefore, in order to live different pathogens, short -wave ultraviolet rays need to be exposed. What are the types of ultraviolet disinfectant? First of all, ultraviolet equipment is an important process tool that can ensure that purifying water circuits run under microbial pollution standards. Its advantage is that it is convenient to install and occupy a small area; simple maintenance can be performed by on -site staff; as a non -chemical treatment method, it will not affect the stability of the product. Secondary pollution and side effects. The fundamental difference

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What are the classification characteristics of air disinfection machines?

Because of its diverse principles, there are many types. But the main types are plasma aircraft and ultraviolet air disinfection. Compared with the international advanced plasma air disinfectioner and the traditional UV circular air disinfection, it has the following advantages: Sterilization: Plasma sterilization and disinfection effect, short -term time, far lower than high -strength ultraviolet rays. Environmental: The air disinfection machine continues to work and does not avoid ultraviolet rays, ozone, and environmental pollution. Air disinfection machine Defrastructure: While disinfection of the air, the plasma disinfection can decompose the harmful and toxic gases in the air. According to the inspection report of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, the decomposition rate within 24 hours is: 91%formaldehyde, benzene 93%, ammonia, ammonia, ammonia, and ammonia. 78%, toluene 96%. At the same time, pollutants such as flue gas and smoke can also be effectively removed. Low energy consumption: The power of the plasma air disinfection is one -third of the ultraviolet disinfectioner, which saves power. A room suitable for 150 square meters can save 150W plasma, more than 450W of ultraviolet machines, and 1,000 yuan per year. Life is long: When the ionic disinfectant is used normally, the design life is 15

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How to maintain the air disinfection machine?

The air disinfection machine is responsible for special personnel and is on standby for 24 hours to prevent frequent startup damage. Filter management: Check the filter regularly. If there are too many dust on the filter, clean or replace the filter with water in time. During the replacement, open the filter cover, remove the filter network from the machine, replace it with a new filter, and finally reinstall the filter on the machine. UV light management: The radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays will affect the effect of air disinfection. Therefore, at least once a month, the ethanol cotton ball is applied to make the radiation intensity of ultraviolet lights from being affected by dust. Air disinfection machine Management of negative oxygen ion generator: Due to the dust reduction effect of negative oxygen ions, long -term use will accumulate a large amount of dust near the discharge port shell of the generator, so it needs to be cleared regularly. When cleaning, cut off the power and wipe it with a soft dry cloth or some medical ethanol. Note: You cannot rinse with water. The human body induction probe and display cannot be wiped with detergent, ethanol, etc., and gently wipe it

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Air disinfection machine function

Activated carbon network: deodorization function. Antibacterial network assisted disinfection is generally nano -class photocatalyst (mainly titanium dioxide). With the irradiation of purple light, the titanium dioxide surface has positive “holes” and negative electrical negative oxygen ions, “holes” and water vapor in the air. Combine, a strong alkaline “hydrogen oxygen root free radical” is formed, the formaldehyde and benzene in the air will be decomposed, and the negative oxygen ion and oxygen in the air will be combined to form a “active oxygen”. To achieve the activation of bacteria in the air, the closer the ultraviolet light is from disinfected objects, the more bacteria are killed, and the faster you kill. Ultraviolet radiation range Bacterial mortality is 100%, and no bacteria cannot escape. The principle of sterilization of air disinfection machine is to illuminate microorganisms such as bacterial viruses through ultraviolet rays to destroy the structure of deoxyrum ribosacuucleic acid (DNA) in the body and immediately die or lose their reproductive ability. Quartz UV lamps have advantages. So how to identify authenticity? Different bands of ultraviolet sterilization ability. Only short-wave ultraviolet (200-300nm) can kill bacteria. The air disinfection machine, of which, has the strongest sterilization power within the range of 250-270nm,

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What are the main functions of ozone disinfection machines?

When we see the ozone disinfection machine, some may feel strange and don’t know what product it is. In fact, the oxygen disinfection machine is a device for making oxygen gases. It is a good production and living tool. When using it, you can improve the safety and quality of health products such as food, medicine, cosmetics. And it can improve human health when used, so it is used more in the food industry, mainly a device for disinfection in the food workshop. If you explain this way, you must understand it well. To say that its role is first for sterilization and disinfection. After research, ozone is a wide range of germs, viruses and microorganisms that can cause a variety of germs, viruses and microorganisms that cause diseases and animals. And ozone is a very oxidized substance. We can use its oxidation to destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a relatively short period of time. So that it loses its ability to survive. Therefore, the ozone disinfection machine can use its oxidant to kill microorganisms when used. Under such circumstances, compounds that can achieve sterilization effects. In addition to these effects, there is also

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