More and more sterile pharmaceutical workshops have begun to investigate and purchase hydrogen peroxide sterilizers to replace formaldehyde disinfection with sterile workshops. In view of the fact that the personnel in the sterile pharmaceutical workshop have just begun to contact, and there are still many problems in the use of hydrogen peroxide sterilizers, further explanations will be given.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is used for disinfection in sterile pharmaceutical workshops. First of all, it is necessary to confirm how much space needs to be sterilized. In this way, it is convenient for engineers to recommend the appropriate number of equipment according to the actual situation of the sterile pharmaceutical workshop. Ensure uniform distribution of equipment during the sterilization process.
  2. The use of hydrogen peroxide sterilizers in sterile pharmaceutical factories needs to ensure that the color steel plate is not damaged, the ground coating can withstand oxidation, and the precision instruments are protected during the hydrogen peroxide fumigation process.
  3. The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer needs to ensure that the air conditioner is closed, the internal doors and windows are opened, and the external doors and windows are sealed during the fumigation process of the sterile pharmaceutical factory, so as to ensure that the Brownian motion is carried out inside the pharmaceutical factory workshop where the hydrogen peroxide is continuous, and the hydrogen peroxide dry mist is evenly distributed. .

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