1. The dry fog hydrogen peroxide sterilizer cannot coexist with humans and machines (during the sterilization process, personnel are required to evacuate the sterilization area, because the sterilization process can completely disinfect bacteria, viruses, etc., if there is no impact on personnel, so what? Completely eliminate viruses, etc.; and the disinfectant itself will cause irritation to the nasal mucosa, respiratory tract, etc., so personnel must be evacuated from the sterilization area);
  2. The volume of the disinfection room should meet the maximum rated disinfection volume of the equipment (to ensure effective disinfection results, and the disinfection effect is affected by the layout of the sterilization area, and the equipment layout needs to be adjusted according to the actual layout);
  3. The disinfectant used in the equipment is 3-8% food-grade hydrogen peroxide disinfectant;
  4. The equipment disinfection placement position and parameter settings should be reasonably arranged according to the disinfection room to ensure the uniformity of the maximum disinfectant distribution;
  5. During the equipment disinfection process, the air conditioner in the disinfection room should be kept closed, and the disinfection room should be sealed;
  6. There are three processes for equipment disinfection, one is to spray the equipment with disinfectant, the second is to stand for 30-90 minutes, and the third is to ventilate the residual disinfectant for 60-120 minutes; (the standing time can be adjusted appropriately according to the production process, and the residual discharge time It can be adjusted appropriately according to the exhaust capacity of the air conditioning system of the user unit)
  7. The normal use frequency of disinfection equipment is once a week (it can be adjusted according to the production process)
  8. Clean the surface of the used equipment with alcohol or water, and then store it in a cool and dark place;

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